This is Scotland, 1981, Jenny Carter, © Photo Precision Ltd.
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Party viking!
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Paul X Johnson
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Beard and Picks
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Safe Cycling Poster #3: Respect  Taking into account that cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users, we have launched a series of poster campaign to create awareness of road safety targeting cyclists and motorists in Singapore.  The campaign is supported by the Singapore Road Safety Council, the Singapore Traffic Police and a host of Singapore-based cycling communities, including cycling clubs, retailers and race organisers.  To request for this hi-resolution poster to print out, CLICK HERE  If cycling safety is important to you and your loved ones, please do help to reblog and share.
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"Map of African politico-tribal units circa 1844 by Swedish artist Nikolaj Cyon"
This map shows how Africa may have looked like if it had not been colonized. Have you ever wondered how Africa would have looked like if it had not been colonized by Europeans? The map below of African politico-tribal units circa 1844 by Swedish artist Nikolaj Cyon shows how Africa was in pre-colonial times.
For additional reading, check out Cyon’s presentation on the map and Rachel Strohm’s article on ‘The colonization counterfactual‘.
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